- Coire Odhar
The Scottish Ski Club hut was built at the foot of Coire Odhar in 1932 on Ben Ghlas, Lawers range, at a height of 760m. Used by early skiers, they found excellent conditions on the smooth, south-facing grassy slopes of Beinn Ghlas.

In 1945, with many enthusiastic skiers returning home, the Scottish Ski Club expanded quickly. The hut was refurbished with two toilets and an incinerator, and Calor gas was installed. A infamous notice on the door read "Be warned of the smell of garlic - it's not last week's sandwiches, but gas in the most explosive state."

Many skiers had, by this time, experienced mechanical uplift in the Alps, and urged the club to provide a similar facility. It was decided that a Weasel (a vehicle with wide tracks) could answer this need. They thought that the Weasel would not only quickly be able to ascent to the club hut in Coire Odhar transporting people (paying 5/- per trip) on its way, but perhaps also continue on towards the summit.

In practice, however, the vehicle didn't always even get as far as the club hut. Usually the cause was harsh weather with poor visibility and large snow build up, which on one occasion saw the vehicle topple over onto its side having failed to defeat a snow drift. Another trip saw the vehicle catch fire, which singed the President's trousers.

In the early 1950s, the Scottish Ski Club erected a portable rope tow (weighing, according to Donnaie Mackenzie who helped carry it up, half a ton) on the Beinn Ghlas col. People either walked up to this, or came up via the Weasel.

The hut could be reached from the National Trust Lawers carpark, and provided the only refuge on the mountain, as well as an excellent base for ski touring. However, in March 1999, the hut was unfortunately blown down in a storm. The walls collapsed under the roof, and concrete anchoring blocks were dislodged. Realising that it shouldn't attempt to repair the hut or construct a replacement in the area, a Scottish Ski Club party burnt the hut in September that same year.